Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Children and Adults

• Antivial, immuno-boosting action 抗病毒,提高免疫增强作用
• Anti-constipation action 防便秘
• Anti-inflammatory action 抗炎
• Energizing effect 使精力充沛
• Improve drug effectivenes 提高药效
• Slimming 瘦身
• Relieves from sunburn 缓解晒伤
• Regenerative effect on hair follicles and stimulates hair growth
• Cholesterol lowering effect 降低胆固醇
• Can cure Pneumonia 治愈肺炎
• Can treat Ringworm 治疗皮肤癣
• Effective against Skin and Scalp 治疗皮肤和头皮
• Reduce Body Pain 减少身体疼痛
• Can reduce Diaper Rashes 减少尿布疹
• Is very good for Pregnant and lactating mothers



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